Forum Thread: Can These Insects Kill You-7 Insects to Fear

You should avoid these insects
Red Harvestor Ant

Although this southwestern united states ant is small it can pack a punch. On the schmidt stinging scale it rates as a 3. Compare that to a yellowjacket that only scores a 2.

Bull Ant
These ants are big ants. These ants found in austria can grow up to 2 centimeters in length.
These ants can deliver painful stings and are aggressive. There sting can cause pain,sickness, and even death.

Bullet Ant

These ants are beasts. Someone has described there sting as follows " just lay down and start to suffer. That rate an amazing 4 on the stinging scale.

Tarantula Hawk

Look at this scary insect. This is not a hawk but a wasp. Their sting has been described as instantaneous, excruciating pain. These enormous wasps are so large and ferocious that they are capable of hunting and feeding on tarantulas.It is found in Asia Africa,Austria, and the Americas

Bald-Faced Hornet

These North American hornets can inflict some serious pain. Watch out because they have a flat stinger so can sting multiple times

Deer Tick

This insect looks innocent enough, but beware. Deer ticks can carry lyme disease which is a painful, energy sapping sickness. They are found all along the east coast of the us

Giant centipedes Scolopendra

This giant centipede found in the tropics has an intense sting. Many people are not aware that some centipede can sting because they generally keep to themselves. If the giant centipede stings you then you will remember this for awhile.

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