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Do we only use 10% of our brain?

This myth establishes that most of the human brain is unused, suggesting that we only use a small portion of it and because of this some kind of secret power can be unleashed, turning us into superheroes able to use telekinesis, telepathy and so on.

One possible origin is the reserve energy theories by Harvard psychologists William James and Boris Sidis
in the 1890s who tested the theory in the accelerated raising of child prodigy William Sidis.

This urban legend became reason of controversy since the release of the movie "Lucy", a lot of scientists established that the myth is in fact ridiculous because brain scans prove that all the areas of the brain are used but as everything in life it's not that simple.

The human brain is very complex, even nowadays scientists can not understand how memories are stored . All the areas of the brain are used, no doubt about that but do we control all those areas?

Many things in our body are controlled by our brain but not exactly by us, for example are we consciously controlling the blinking of your eyes? You probably weren't until just now, but now because i mentioned it it's hard not to notice it again.

In fact there's a lot we don't control in our body, there's also a part of our brain that we can't access .The subconscious is kind of a mystery, a place in our mind where are stored repressed memories, fears, deep desires and sometimes alter egos.

Maybe all the brain is used, but can we say it's entirely controlled by our conscious mind ?

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