Forum Thread: Kind of Unique Alien Baby Born in Chattishgarh! Its Green in Color and Red Eyes!

A baby girl born in a Chhattisgarh hospital is getting some unwanted attention because of its unique features.

The girl, who was born recently at a hospital in Keshkal, has a greenish tinge on her skin and tortoise like scales on her body.

Many body parts of the infant are not properly developed while some other are overdeveloped. Her eyes are reddish in color and people are likening her to an alien or an incarnation of god.

However, doctors say that the girl is suffering from a rare disease called Herculean syndrome. According to child specialist Dr BR Bhagat, this syndrome occurs only to a few in lakhs but they have very low chance of surviving.

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Alisha Arora, I liked your post. It was very informative, but I wish you added the location of Chattisgarh. The Herculean Syndrome is something that I am interested in now, it sounds cool. I am very surprised that it only happens about once in a few lakhs. I also wish that the video you included had audio instead of it just being silent. Even though it was silent, it was still interesting. Good job on the post.

The disease is called Harlequin Syndrome and it is painful and fatal. The poor child may never know anything other than pain. It is not cool or interesting, it is devastating. When you post about a real person, calling the person "it" makes you sound like an insensitive human being, without the ability to empathize.

agree with you Diane. Its not at all cool or interesting or surprising even. Hope the baby be blessed..!!

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