Forum Thread: A Touch-Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)

A curious plant that shies away from human touch.

This funny plant is called "Mimosa Pudica"...

It closes immediately on being touched by anything with even a small amount of force.

I tried touching the plant very gently, and if done slowly, the plant didn't react at all, however, it will retract after being touched with any object, or being shaken or blown on forcefully.

This plant was shown to me by a friend my wife and I were visiting on the north shore of O'ahu, Hawaii, in 2012, who showed us this "funny plant" growing outside their wall.

After the leaves retract, they slowly open up again after about 2-5 minutes.

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I remember playing with these during my childhood in South East Asia. We called them "touch me nots".

The King of Random, I really liked your post. Just like Bryan Crow, when I was a small child, I played with them all the time. Oddly enough, if I remember correctly, my family also called them "touch me nots". Thank you for posting this, I have always wanted to know what they were called even though I never looked for them thoroughly. Anyways, good job on the post, although I wish it had a little more information.

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