How To: Chill a beer in 20 seconds

Chill a beer in 20 seconds

How To Chill your favorite drink instantly using household items. Need an ice cold beer. Craving a cold glass of water? This is easy to chill your beer using air dusters. Chill your beer by inserting the can into a plastic jug and then filling the plastic container with the compressed air from an upside down can or Dust Off.

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This doesn't even take into account the bitterant that is used in canned air which, even just getting on the lip of the can would make your drink horrible.

wash can off when done, right?

that stuff is poisonous if u breathe it in BTW


does it work on bottles or just cans?

just count how many seconds it takes to chill the beer with the lid open and then keep it closed and count out the seconds but add a couple extra since the lid is closed.

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