How To: Dissolve the shell from a hard-boiled egg with Coca-Cola

Dissolve the shell from a hard-boiled egg with Coca-Cola

If you're a coke fiend, then you may not want to watch this, because you may become faced with a perilous decision— "Should I stop drinking soda?"

This experiment shows what happens to a hard-boiled egg after soaking in Coca-Cola for one year. To do this science project, you'll need a sturdy glass, a boiled egg and some Coke. The Coca-Cola formula includes caffeine citrate, citric acid and phosphoric acid, while the egg shell is composed of calcium, phosphorus and sodium, which can be dissolved by the harmful ingredients in Coke products.

Drinking soda can seriously damage and stain your teeth, and can also lead to osteoporosis, because it kills of the calcium in your body.

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