How To: Making silane from sodium silicate

Making silane from sodium silicate

This video tutorial is in the Education category which will show you how to make saline from sodium silicate. For this you will need hydrochloric acid, magnesium powder and sodium silicate. Dissolve 7 gm of sodium silicate in 20 ml of water. Next add hydrochloric acid until you get a thick jelly like precipitate. Put it in heat proof beaker and heat it. The excess acid will vaporize and water formed will also vaporize off and you will be left with dry powder. Now put a quarter teaspoon of magnesium powder in a beaker and equal part of dry powder that you just made and mix them. Take an old test tube and pour the mixture in to it. Then add a layer of dry powder over it. You can now watch the video for further steps.

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Silane or saline? Bit of a difference tbere ...

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