How To: Use radiation detection equipment

Use radiation detection equipment

In this tutorial, we learn how to use radiation detection equipment. To use the dosimeter, you will remove the cap, then place the pipe on and push down on it. A light will come on, and you can use the knob to zero it. When you look in, you will be able to see it's measured in Roentgens per hour. When you are done using this, zero it again. Next, you will have a CD Geiger counter which has three positions for the knob. Whatever it is set on, you multiply the reading by that number. If you turn it on x10, you will hear clicking and see what it reads out! Using these will be easy, but you have to have a love for science!

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It would be useful if you did a tutorial video on the 'TERRA' MKS-05 dosimeter-geiger counter as the instructions that come with it are confusing to put it mildly.

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