How to Build a Simple Paper Bridge as a Science Experiment

Building any old paper bridge is easy, but building one that can actually support weight is a whole other story. Check out this science experiment video to learn how to build a paper bridge whose structure you can change to see how different designs affect the load-bearing capacity.

This above tutorial will take you through four different designs. You'll need pennies, markers, rulers, scissors, a pencil, and index cards. This is a great way to make science fun for your kids!


The 3 bonded sheets do not have accurate results because the paper is strengthened disproportionately based on the structural strength the hardened glue provides. Repeat with the paper bonded using staples so that the glues rigidity will be factored out of the test results.

Can't wait to try this with my 8th graders tomorrow!

can u plz... explain me why the last bridge is stable than the other...

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