How To: Make Soap Out of Guava Leaf Extract for a Science Investigatory Project

Make Soap Out of Guava Leaf Extract for a Science Investigatory Project

How to Make Soap Out of Guava Leaf Extract for a Science Investigatory Project

In our personal experience, the hardest part about a science investigatory project is simply coming up with a good idea. And we suggest that for your investigatory project you find a topic that's both novel and useful.

Check out this science tutorial to learn how to make a bar of soap out of guava leaf extract, which was made by Dragonknight15 and fellow peers for their 3rd year chemistry class. This guava-infused soap actually helps clear up acne. You'll need sodium hydroxide, guava leaves, containers, and lavender scent.


what is the abstract of this investigatory project..
please answer!
and where do you by (NaOH)

uhhmm.. ang Sodium Hyrdoxide (NaOH) or also known as "Lye" can be bought in aroma therapy stores or something..pero ang NaOH is Lye

You will use Olive Oil for boiling the guava leaf or its just a water?

Can I use this as our IP project? I do really need. Thank you :)

Can I Use it To Out investigatory Project ? PLease ..
Thank You :))

can i use this for our I.P ? Pleasee ! ^_^ Thnkss ! :DD

can i use other leaf extracts ???

For all of you inspired by this investigatory project, I'm sure the video creator would be perfectly fine with you using it as the basis for your projects, otherwise it wouldn't be posted online.

can i use this idea for our I.P.......^^ plsssss. thank you!!!!!!!!!!

NaOH is sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. As for scents, I'm sure you can use any.

ahm , what's the purpose of this project ?

unsupervised kids playing with sodium hydroxide. Recipe for severe injuries. And you don't make soap by just mixing some crap together. This video is a public health hazard.

what is the ratio of water:guava:sodium hydrochloride?.. thanks..

can i use this as our Ip?

i hope someone could help me , i was wondering where can they get or buy those SODIUM HYDROXIDE ? i have those sodium hydroxide but it was the liquid type one , does the liquid one work or the solid one just like in the video is better ?

can i use this idea for my IP??? please
thank you

effective for how many days? or weeks?

Can I use this........for my IP!!! :)

can i use this for my IP? $_____$

can i use it in our investigatory project ? :(

You can get some at a hardware store like Lowe's, or from Amazon. Just make sure it's 100% sodium hydroxide and nothing else. And read up on the safe handling of it before use.

Uhm. can I ask. because I'm having a problem of finding the sodium hyroxide. where can I buy it?

can i use this for my ip project in school? pleasee

Can we use this as our Reference for our S.I.P Project?We are gonna change something . Pretty Please :D

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