How To: Lie on a bed of nails without piercing your skin

Lie on a bed of nails without piercing your skin

Lying on a bed of nails...It's a science trick we've all seen in the movies and according to science guy Jason Lindsey it can be done if you use science. This uses balloons to demonstrate how someone can lay on nails and not be a bloody mess.

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There is nothing to it really. I recently made a bed of nails and laid down on it to test the soundness of my calculations if not of my mind. As I had suspected the only thing you feel is a very moderate discomfort that goes away after a few minutes. Without being a physiologist I have a feeling that the brain produces endorphines to counter the discomfort because after five or six minutes you feel very little or nothing, and your body gets warm. You also get quite drowsy, which should not come as a surprise as endorphines are opiatlike substances. I have actually fallen asleep on my bed. Anyone can do this very modest stunt. I have had six year old girls and elderly ladies testing the bed. Of course along with the standard brand of tough guys. A fun and totally harmless thing to have around your place. One word of warning though. If the social setting permits it you can safely lie down in your boxers. If you do you should make sure to have an assitant who slips a bord under your bum when you want to get up. In case you neglect that you will have a slight problem getting to your feet. On your own you seem to have two options. You can rise gently up like a balloon, or you can somehow skip sideways or possibly do a combination of the two maneuvres. I have not really figured it out.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not invite a girlfriend into your bed of nails because that can only create tensions and unpleasantness.

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