How To: Make Water Freeze into Ice Instantaneously

Make Water Freeze into Ice Instantaneously

Have you ever seen water freeze instantly? This "Quick Clip" shows some of my personal experiences with making instant ice using a bottle of water supercooled in a freezer.

To get this "instant ice" effect, I put unopened bottles of water in the freezer for anywhere between 90 to 115 minutes. The water gets supercooled (below freezing), but does not actually freeze because the water doesn't contain enough impurities.

When it touches an ice crystal, it turns instantly to ice. It will also do this if the bottle is hit hard enough.

The clip at the end of the video above is a bottle that was frozen for nearly 2½ hours and the entire bottle froze immediately when I tried to unscrew the cap. Most of them won't make it that long.

"Quick Clips" are videos of random science experiments in a minute or less. For other projects, check out my other articles here on WonderHowTo or see the videos at

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Can you explain why the water will freeze so quickly?

can you please explain this :))
because I'm trying to make this as my Investigatory Project :))

Can you explain how the water freeze quickly? Is there any chemical involve?please ? I am going to try it also for my S.I.P

Waiting for explanation because i'm doing
my Science Investigatory Project.

can u pls explain how is it possible.

I actually want to use this as our SIP. Hahaha,it's amazing.

i also want to use this for my SIP.

did you use cold water to make the water ice?

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