How To: Make an awesome colored smoke bomb

Make an awesome colored smoke bomb

The video describes an easy at home process for making smoke bombs.

The items you will need are as follows:

1- Potassium Nitrate
2- Sugar
3- Baking Soda
4- Organic Powdered Dye
5- Duct Tape
6- Firework Fuses
7- Card Tube
8- Small piece(s) of wool
9- Ink Pen

First, mix your sugar and potassium nitrate (60g Potassium to 40g Sugar) in a small pot over your stove on LOW heat and keep stirring until the mixture eventually looks like peanut butter.

Then, add one tablespoon of baking soda, mix in thoroughly, then add 3 large tablespoons of dye, and mix in very thoroughly
Then, fill a small cardboard tube with mixture and stick a pen in the center allowing it to dry for about an hour.

Lastly, remove pen and place fuse inside, fill rest of hole left with piece of wool, and cover outside of tube with duct tape making sure to leave a small hole in top near fuse, then light it up and enjoy!

Make an awesome colored smoke bomb

Make an awesome colored smoke bomb Click through to watch this video on

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I know you are not claiming to be a scientist but if you start with weight in grams stick with it. Adding tablespoons of a substance that varies in weight is not the "scientific" way.

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