How To: Make elemental sulfur (sulphur)

Make elemental sulfur (sulphur)

This video tutorial is in the Education category which will show you how to make elemental sulfur (sulphur). The chemicals you need are nitric acid and sodium thiosulphate. The reaction produces toxic SO2 gas so keep it coved with a watch glass. Put 12.9 grams of sodium thiosulphate in a beaker and dissolve it in minimum amount of water. Pour about 15ml of nitric acid in to the beaker. Let it sit in a warm place for a couple of hours and the sulphur will settle at the bottom of the beaker. That's it! The experiment is over and you have the sulphur.

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1 Comment me silly but, If you are going to obtain nitric acid and sodium thiosulphate....Neither of which you can pick up at your local hardware store...why not simply get the sulfur from the same place that you acquired the other chemicals from....?

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