How To: Build a magnetic stirring device

Build a magnetic stirring device

In this video, we learn how to build a magnetic stirring device. First you will need: a block of 1 inch thick Styrofoam, a piece of cardboard, 2 magnets, a small electric motor, a piece of non-magnetic metal, a hot glue gun, and a soldering iron. First, draw the shape of your cardboard square on the foam and cut it out. After this, take your soldering iron and melt away the Styrofoam from the outside. Then, make a hole in the middle for where the motor will be placed and push it inside. After this, make a hold for the wires of the motor, then press them into the foam with the cardboard on top. After this, use hot glue to stick the axle on top of the motor. After this, place the metal piece on top of the cardboard, then test it out to see if it works, enjoy!

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