How To: Use an electronic balance in the chemistry lab

Use an electronic balance in the chemistry lab

Find out how everything in a chemistry lab works, from pipettes to burners to recrystallization to storage. You'll get precise instructions on how to work and perform certain scientific duties in the chem lab, whether it's chemical or just ordinary high school science.

Watch this video on how to use an electronic balance in the chemistry lab. As the example of how to use an electric balance, the movie explains the measuring the weight of potassium iodate (KIO3).

Because it is a precision instrument, it should be handled carefully. Especially, a sample should be placed softly on the balance pan. Both the inside and the outside of the instrument should be always kept clean. Because grease is applied to the ground glass parts, they are liable to catch dust. Therefore, the cover of the desiccator should be placed upside down in the bench.

See how to use an electronic balance!

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