How To: Build a simple barometer with household materials

Build a simple barometer with household materials

ARHSphysics shows viewers how they can build a simple barometer using household items! First, you need to get a container that is the height of an index card. Your best bet is to get an empty soup can of food can. Make sure you wash the can. Now, you will need a latex glove, cut a semi circle from the glove and attach this to the top of the can using a rubber band. Get two straws and attach them together at the ends. Cut a slit in each one and attach the straws. Attach the straw to the top of the can with white glue - this will need to dry for 24 hours. Do not use tape because it will eventually loosed. At the other end of the straw, attach a pin to the end of the straw with tape. On and index card write out millimeter differences. Convert this to millibars also. Set your barometer on the table and attach the barometer to the index card with the pen. Now you have made your own barometer at home!

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