How To: Calculate and understand the concept of molar mass

Calculate and understand the concept of molar mass

Two college students; Kevin Martin and Joey Smokey introduce the concept of Molar Mass. They start of by explaining what molar mass is, which is the relationship of a mole and a gram, it totals up the weight(in g)of a molecule. An example: say you have this compound, Sodium phosphate (Na3PO4). You know you have three sodium atoms, one phosphorus atom, and four oxygen atoms. You basically find the weight of each atom, if you have three sodium atoms, you multiply it's atomic mass by 3 (the number of atoms of the element) so it would be 22. 99 X 3 = 68. 97. You do the same with the rest of the elements, multiply their atomic mass by the number of atoms in the compound. You then add up each of the answers you got from the three elements (Sodium=68. 97+Phosphorus=30.97+ and Oxygen=64= 163. 94g/one mole) So when you've added the sum, you will get the molar mass for the compound Sodium phosphate 163. 94g/one mole.

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