How To: Convert sunlight into hydrogen fuel

Convert sunlight into hydrogen fuel

Want to learn how to harvest the sun? Just watch this science experiment video to see how to convert sunlight into hydrogen fuel. It's simple and environmentally friendly.

You'll need a multimeter, a solar panel, some crocodile clips (or alligator clips), glass, water and carbon rods. Attach the clips to the carbon rods (pencil lead), one for both positive and negative and dip them in the water. Connect the wires to the solar panel to start making hydrogen gas on the negative side and oxygen on the positive. The whole time you do this experiment you can be checking the voltage with the multimeter.

Using everyday items, you could make your very own backyard hydrogen fuel, the same fuel use to power hybrid cars.

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works better if ya add alot of salt

what is the ratio of water and potassium hydroxide?

why here using potassium hydroxide?

ho much amount of water taken do this experiment?

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