How To: Craft a mobius strip out of paper

Craft a mobius strip out of paper

Mr. G shows us how to craft a mobius strip out of paper in this video. First, take a sheet of copy paper and fold it in half length wise and crease it down the middle. Now, cut the paper on the crease so you have two strips of paper. Next, lay the papers end to end and tape them together. Now, the strip and give it half of a twist and attach it together with tape on one of the ends to the other. Now get a felt tip pen and draw a line down the middle of the strip. Now as you roll the paper, you will notice that the line could meet, but it's meeting on opposite sides. Keep drawing the line and finally you will get to the point you started drawing. If you take apart your mobius strip, you will see the line drawn on both sides of the paper. This is a great learning tool where you can discover different things to do with your mobius strip.

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