How To: Deflate and Reinflate Balloons Using Liquid Nitrogen

Deflate and Reinflate Balloons Using Liquid Nitrogen

In this "Quick Clip," I tried dunking inflated balloons into a container filled with liquid nitrogen until they were completely flattened and seemingly destroyed. Once out of the liquid nitrogen, the balloons come back to life and reinflate on their own—without even touching them!

WARNING: Use of video content is at own risk. Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold (-196°C/-321°F) and can freeze skin on contact. Liquid nitrogen should only be handled by those who understand the risks, and are skilled in dealing with extreme temperatures.

This science experiment was inspired by a science demonstration my wife and I saw while visiting the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

"Quick Clips" are videos of random experiments in a minute or less. For other projects, check out my other articles here or see the videos at

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