How To: Determine enthalpy in the hydration of MgSO4

Determine enthalpy in the hydration of MgSO4

C For Chemistry delves into the chemistry of science experiments. This chemist knows what he's talking about. These chemistry experiments are not only fun, but very educational for all of those interested in scientific chemical reactions and properties.

This video tutorial will show you how to determine enthalpy change in the hydration of MgSO4 (anhydrous magnesium sulfate).

Magnesium sulfate is used as an example to illustrate how enthalpy change is determined. Hydrated MgSO4 and anhydrous MgSO4 is dissolved separately and the temperature change is recorded.

DeltaH of anhydrous MgSO4 - DeltaH of hydrated MgSO4 = enthalpy of hydration.

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