How To: Dissect a human to see the back muscles & spinal cord

Dissect a human to see the back muscles & spinal cord

When you dissecting a human body, the second thing you probably want to check out is the vertebral column. This video tutorial will give you just that, an anatomical look at the back muscles and the spinal cord.

You'll take a look at the intrinsic muscles of the back, the spinal meninges, and the joints that the back muscles move.

As you first make your dissection of the back, you'll clean up any subcutaneous tissue, and you'll see the extrinsic back muscles.

So, get out your scalpel and make an incision on the superficial layer of muscle for your anatomy class. The science of the body is unique, and very interesting for all.

This is very informative for medical students in need of cadaver dissection instructional videos.

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This is very important to gives the chance to have a deep scientific look on the human body..

tha is very important to know bout cause some kids dont know all dat stuff so it is good to see dis stuff on here*.

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