How To: Dissect a human to see the leg and foot muscles

Dissect a human to see the leg and foot muscles

Okay, you failed anatomy 101, but you still want to know more about anatomy of a human. Well, you can simply watch this video tutorial that will show you how to cut up a human cadaver, dissecting its leg and foot, getting a good look at the science of the muscles.

Don't try and find your own corpse, just beware that there are three compartments to the leg, which are the posterior, the lateral, and the anterior compartment. You'll get a look at not just not muscles, but the nerves and ligaments, too, to name a few.

This is very informative for medical students in need of cadaver dissection instructional videos.

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i am an anatomist teaching human antomy to medical stduents. I am interested to see a vedeo which showes the peritoneal reflection ifany available

please domore of these videoes

sorry we cannot open this video,but we really want to see

I can not play it

please help me

i have exame =(

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