How To: Dissect a human to see the shoulder and arm muscles

Dissect a human to see the shoulder and arm muscles

Ever been curious as to what your shoulder and arm looks like from the inside? Well, this human anatomy video tutorial will show you just that.

You'll see how to dissect the shoulder and arm muscles and vessels on a human cadaver, giving you a better understanding of the science of the human body. You'll get a good look at the rhomboid muscle and the triceps muscle and the nerve supply of the deltoid.

This is very informative for medical students in need of cadaver dissection instructional videos.

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Rhomboid minor is superior to rhomboid major. In this video he makes it look the other way around.

That serratus anterior looks like a thin strip of beef jerky. This would be much more entertaining if the dissected volunteer had been a bodybuilder. *shrug*

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