How To: Do a "free fall" experiment to understand orbits

Do a "free fall" experiment to understand orbits

This video illustrates how to do a "free fall" experiment to understand orbits. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: First of all take a weighing scale and stand on it and then just measure your weight and then jump over and see where the needle will move it will show zero as there is a situation of weightlessness as there is no external force applied and hence no reading on the scale as it reads the force applied.

step 2: Now take a bottle and fill it with water and then throw the bottle upwards and then see that no water falls down as there is gravitational force acting on the water and hence its pulled downwards.

Step 3: Similar is the case with orbits that there is gravitational force and as the spaceship moves upwards there is feeling for weightlessness.

Thats it.

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