How To: Draw the Lewis dot structure for sulfate

Draw the Lewis dot structure for sulfate

TTUchme1010 teaches viewers how to draw the lewis dot structure for sulfate. The formula for this is SO4^2-. 2- means we will have to add 2 electrons into the lewis dot structure. First, we will have Sulfur in the middle with Oxygen surrounding it. Sulfur is in group 6A so it have 6 valence electrons and oxygen has six, so fill this all in around the elements. Now, you have to add in the 2 extra electrons onto the most electronegative atom. This will be oxygen. Now, you should start bonding the electrons so they can all get their valence. Any element with 8 valence electrons is set and you should check off. Sulfur can have extra but we'll come back to this. 2 of the oxygens will have 8 valence. Now you can form double between the other two sulfurs and oxygens. The sulfur will have 12 electrons, but this can happen, because if can expand. Now you have Sulfur with 2 single bonds to oxygen and 2 double bonds to the other oxygen.

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