How To: Go meteorite hunting on a dry lake bed

Go meteorite hunting on a dry lake bed

My name is Ruben Garcia and I'm a meteorite hunter. These videos are of a two day meteorite hunt. Just me and my video camera out in the wilderness!

One technique we typically use on a dry lake bed is to continuously keep the sun to our backs. Shadows can be a meteorite hunters worst enemy. However, on the second morning the intense cloud cover eliminated the need to do this. Since there were no shadows, we were free to walk in any direction. On day one, I dealt with triple digit temperatures and day two was cloudy and very windy. In this short video you will see how incredibly difficult and demanding finding a meteorite can be, even for seasoned meteorite hunters.

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I certainly enjoyed your video and wish that part 2 was not removed. If it's at all possible, please enable it. Hunting for 'these special rocks' sounds very intriguing and interesting. I wonder if there are organized clubs devoted to this venture.

I just visited your 'own site' and found it very interesting and i recommend it to all. Thank you for setting the site up.

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