HowTo: See Invisible Magnetic Fields

See Invisible Magnetic Fields

"Magnetic fields are everywhere- you just can't see them."

The science-inspired-art project, Magnetic Movie, by Semiconductor, demonstrates the imaginary "secret lives of invisible magnetic fields". Don't miss it - it's an amazing project. The magnetic fields are beautifully depicted. However, they are indeed imaginary.

Evil Mad Scientist brings real science to the equation with their HowTo on visualizing the real thing.

HowTo: See Invisible Magnetic Fields

"Here we introduce some basic and inexpensive visual tools, as varied as iron filings and Arduino, pre-school toys and OpenGL, for getting to know your local fields. It's not exhaustive, but might provide you with some useful starting points for your own exploration."

Click through for the full scoop.

HowTo: See Invisible Magnetic Fields

HowTo: See Invisible Magnetic Fields

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