How To: Hunt and find fallen meteorites from a meteor shower

Hunt and find fallen meteorites from a meteor shower

The Geminid meteor shower 2010 is tonight, climaxing sometime between midnight and dawn Tuesday. Usually, the Geminid meteor showers in December are awesome spectacles, one of the most intense meteor showers of the year, but this year the moon will be out until after midnight, lessening visibility. But just because you can't see the meteor shower this year, doesn't mean a meteorite or two didn't sneak into Earth's atmosphere, hurdling to the ground, waiting for you to find it. So, get your meteorite hunting tools ready and watch this video for details on finding your own meteorites!

In this video, you'll learn about the tools of the trade, like magnets, metal detectors and pulse-induction detector. Then, you'll learn how to tell the difference between actual meteorites and ordinary rocks like hematite and slag. After that, find out what the best metal detectors are for locating meteorites. This are two good ones:

* Fisher Gold Bug 2
* Whites Gold Master

And no… you don't have to build a huge metal detector to succeed.

Now that you have your metal detector, learn how to use it and how to distinguish the sounds it outputs.

Where do you go to find meteorites? —— Dry areas are the best.

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