How To: Improve Water Head

Improve Water Head

An experiment was carried out at our laborataries to investigate the flow through two pipes of same diameter fitted at the same height from water level inside of a water tank as shown. It is found the longer pipe line inside the water tank generates a higher speed resulting more powerfull flow. Flow in this pressure pipe develops due to gravitational accelaration on a horizontally flowing water column also, when it is an enclosed stream of flow. If this length is short it is not possible to develop the speed of an stream line.

A second experiment carried out with a coiled pipe line instead of a straight length. We found the similar effect for the same length. Accordingly we can device a hydro power booster pipe connected at sluice gate end. without extending the pipe to a distant location.

Thus the method can be diversified further to minimize the extending distance from hydropower dam, by giving a spiral shape to the pressure pipe as shown below.

Hydro power generation with low water head.

Hydro power generation with low water head. Hydro electric power plant improvement with extended pressure pipeline.

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