How To: Light candles with a microwave oven

Light candles with a microwave oven

Say you're hosting a birthday party and the birthday girl's cake needs to be lit up, but you've just run out of matches. What to do? While you can certainly go to the store and purchase more, doing so would take at least half an hour (an eternity to wait for little kids), it's probably easier to make a flame with what you've got at home.

Check out this video to learn how to light candles using your microwave oven.

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Cool trick, but why would you need a candle if you have the electricity available to power a microwave?

easy... you need to light the birthday candle and you have no other access to a flame

the video cant be played

it is easy

how do you guys play the videos?
In mine it doesn't play. PLZ help me.

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