How To: Make a battery out of cans and water with Walter Lewin

Make a battery out of cans and water with Walter Lewin

The best physics lecturer, Walter Lewin, makes another wonderful physics demonstration after having read a lecture on batteries.

The battery he creates has a huge potential difference - 10 to 20 kV!

You'll never believe what it's made of!
It's made of two cans with their bottom and top open and two other cans. And then water is let to drip through the two open ones.

After a short period a spark comes up, then another one, then another one.

Do you know how it works? If not, see the free electricity and magnetism video course by Walter Lewin at MIT's OCW!

It's Never too Late to Study:
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whats the catch if it were that simple why don't everyone just have one of these to reduce energy consumption

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