How To: Make charcoal (carbon) by the dehydration of sugar

Make charcoal (carbon) by the dehydration of sugar

C For Chemistry delves into the chemistry of science experiments. This chemist knows what he's talking about. These chemistry experiments are not only fun, but very educational for all of those interested in scientific chemical reactions and properties.

This video tutorial will show you how to make charcoal (carbon) by the dehydration of sugar.

1. Add few grams of sugar to the beaker.
2. pour about the same volume of concentrated sulfuric acid to the beaker.
3. stirrer the beaker then stay away and wait.
4. Huge volume of pure charcol is then produced.

It is very common reaction which demonstrates the dehydrating and oxidizing properties of conc. Sulfuric acid. Sugar is first dehydrated to elemental Carbon and steam, Carbon is further oxidized to Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide also produced by reduction of SO4 2-.

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Music: Monkoto by Kevin MacLeod @ Incompetech
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

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