How To: Make hot ice using Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

Make hot ice using Sodium Acetate Trihydrate

This video in the Education category will show you how to make hot ice using Sodium Acetate Trihydrate. For this purpose you will need a pan, 100g of Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, 25ml of water, a wooden spoon and a glass. Take the Sodium Acetate Trihydrate and put 100g in the pan. Then place the pan on a stove and turn to medium heat. The Sodium Acetate Trihydrate will start to melt. In about five minutes when it has melted fully, add 25ml of water. Let the solution simmer for two minutes while you keep stirring it and then remove it from the stove. Add 2-3ml of water, pour the solution into a glass and put in a fridge to cool. After 3-4 hours, remove it from the fridge and it is still in liquid form. Touch the cold solution with your finger and hot ice is formed immediately.

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