How To: Make "instant cappuccino" with permanganate

Make "instant cappuccino" with permanganate

C For Chemistry delves into the chemistry of science experiments. This chemist knows what he's talking about. These chemistry experiments are not only fun, but very educational for all of those interested in scientific chemical reactions and properties.

This video tutorial will show you how to make "instant cappuccino" with permanganate.

1. Simply add 20mL of 30% hydrogen peroxide to the beaker.
2. Add a small amount of detergent.
3. Roughly mix the mixture.
4. Add a spoonful of potassium permanganate.

A reaction between Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) and Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) , in which detergent take the advantage of the Effervescence effect to create foam. Noted that Permanganate stinks the foam to brown, and the reaction is exothermic, which makes this reaction seems to be making "Cappuccino". DO NOT drink this!

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