How To: Make instant flying condoms

Make instant flying condoms

Learn how to make a self inflating, flying condom! We should you how to make an instant flying condom using a few household items. Fantastic and fun science experiment! You will need one condom, one bag of hydrogen peroxide and dishwasher limescale remover.

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danes did a macy's parade style affair for AIDS awareness
pretty clever mktg

oh good thats what every neighborhood needs random condoms in trees and on the ground. Great way to litter

i can find a better use 4 a condom m8

prty kl tho

Idea: you know those gadgets on TV that show a bag full of fluid, a device passes over part of the bag and presto it is sealed and cut. I have bought one from a harbor freight store in the US and create H2O2 packets about 2 ounces. Insert into the baloon or prophelactic, add lime scale remover and tie the bag off. I punch the puch of liquid and POOF! The checmical reaction begins. This way You can make several kits ahead of time.. Who knows.. maybe you need to inflate 10 to signal a helicopter to break you out of some 3rd world jungle ;) if your names McGuyver lol

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