How To: Make a Leyden jar to store static electricity

Make a Leyden jar to store static electricity

Do you even know what a Leyden jar is? Well... it's an early form of capacitor made from a glass jar with layers of metal foil on the outside and inside. This video tutorial will show you how to make a Leyden jar to store static electricity. This Leyden jar will give you a powerful shock!

To make the Leyden jar, you'll need tape, scissors, a bolt, two nuts, a container, aluminum foil, wire and a lid. Do not make the Leyden jar larger than an oatmeal container, because death can occur if you're not careful!

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it shot me back a little bit. the size of the jar really doesnt matter. what matters is how long you charge it so be careful. still fun though :D

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