How To: Make magic rainbow milk

Make magic rainbow milk

Though your kids will think this "rainbow" milk looks really cool and will instantly want to consume it, doing so may not be the best idea. That's because in order to create this rainbow milk you'll need to mix in color additives and very non-edible soap.

This is a great science experiment to conduct on a rainy day or during lazy summer days when you have nothing else to do.

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whos gonna want to drink it if it has soap in it.

thats really funny im gonna do that now

Is there a way to make drinkable magic milk?!

this is totally drinkable? did you not swear as a young man, Mr Wallace?

better restock the food coloring and milk

i drink magic milk and walk on water.

you don't drink it, you watch it

coool. too bad i could never do this because id be too tempted to drink it

when i tried didnt there something that is missing from this video??

lol, that is so cool

that's cool, just tried it!

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