How To: Make neon green water glow

Make neon green water glow

Check out this how-to video for making water glow, or for making glow water (it's pretty much the same thing). Get ready for that fun, neon green color. You will need a cup on gloves, among other things, to make glow water. Use a black light.

WARNING: Do not drink!

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Is he using a blacklight?

how long does it last ?

Don't lie , water won't glow with fluorescent ink !
U need a bloody UV lamp as in the video!

Don't bugg people tell them the complete thing!

it lasts till it dries.And cwiltz he is using a blacklight and by the way good thinking dude nice trick;)

Great effect adding it to the water fall and you can't miss the giant black light in his hand unless your blind (now comes the fun part) enter giant black light great idea man

>XD Yeah untill your mom finds the waterfall and thinks you pissed in it because the ink's yellow. >X'DDDDDDDD

prity speshull inded.learn proper grammer you #$%@.great video,i need to go buy a blacklight.

Lol, you're telling him to use 'proper grammer' yet he spelt it wrong so its proper spelling, you need to use proper grammer. You start a sentance with a capitol letter and one after a full stop. Retard.

grammar* and a sentence* and also, it's capital not capitol...

trippy music o.0


aint that special !!! :-(

Great work, but the Music is a little Creepy!

that's just aces mate

much easier: just use plain tonic water ( or make lemonade with it if you like) it not only glows, its edible! try also; spirulina or turmeric in your glass. different colored glows.

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