How To: Make potassium trichromate

Make potassium trichromate

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make potassium trichromate. You will need potassium chromate and dichromate. It is easy to go between the two. You can add a base to the dichromate to make the chromate. It will go from orange to yellow. The trichromate can be produced. You will need nitric acid, potassium dichromate, and sodium disulphate. First, make a solution of sodium sulphate. Take a long test tube and the potassium dichromate to it. Add double the volume of concentrated nitric acid. Next, add a beaker as a lid to the tube. Heat the tube until you get a dark liquid. Leave this to cool for a few days with the cap on. The longer you leave it, the more product you get. Pour off the remaining liquid into the solution and scrape out the crystals on to a watch glass. Dry the crystals in a dessicator. This will remove any acid fumes. Break it up as it dries. This may take a few days. This video shows you detailed steps in order to create this material.

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