How To: Make a rain gauge

Make a rain gauge

In this how to video, you will learn how to make a rain gauge. First, you will need a 2 liter bottle to collect the rain. You will also need scissors, a ruler, and a permanent marker. First, take the bottle cap off of the soda bottle. Next, cut the top of the bottle off. Now, collect some pebbles and put it at the bottom of the bottle. This will keep the bottle in place. Pace the top of the bottle on top to use a as a funnel. Now, take a ruler and measure 7 cm high on the rain gauge. Mark it until you get to 13 and stop. First, make sure the water is filled to the zero mark and take the rain gauge to various places. Now, check the rain gauge to check how much precipitation you have collected. You can make a graph to compare the results of various placements. This video shows how easy it is to make and use a rain gauge.

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