How To: Make sodium acetate ("hot ice") in your kitchen

Make sodium acetate ("hot ice") in your kitchen

The Mr.G Show presents how to make "hot ice" more commonly known as sodium acetate in the kitchen. You start with one liter of white vinegar which you place into a sauce pan. You add four table spoons of baking soda to the pan being very careful because both chemical together will react an may cause a big mess so be prepared to clean up any boil over that may arise. Wait while this mixture boils down for the real fun to starts. The hot ice created will transform from a liquid to a solid before your eyes. Hot ice is warm to the touch. The real trick is how quickly a liquid ice crystal will turn into a solid before your very eyes. Mr. G also provide an question and answer period that allows the viewer to ask specific questions about other topics from other shows in the series. This show is number three in the series and viewers most certainly want to check out earlier shows.

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