How To: Simulate your own space vacation

Simulate your own space vacation

This how-to video is about how to simulate your own space vacation.

To do this we need a basket ball, cup of water with food coloring and a pool ladder. When we are on the ground we can feel gravity and there is no gravity in the space, enter a swimming pool and use the pool ladder to move around, the astronauts are given training in a pool containing 6.2 million gallon of water which is simulate an environment similar to space, so enter a pool and take the basket ball and if you try to submerge it, it wont go inside the water, also the cup of water will also float on the surface of water, the only way to move inside the pool without loosing energy is by using the pool's ladder, the pool's are similar to neutral buoyancy lab where the astronauts are trained before heading to space.

So after watching this video we can also plan for our space trip by visiting the nearest pool.

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plz help me video is not openeing

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