How To: Transfer sound over a laser light

Transfer sound over a laser light

Check out this low cost project. This video will show you how to transfer sound over light! Yes, this is possible. You'll transfer a sound with a distance of 5 meters, but you may experiment on greater distances if you'd like. You'll need a laser (or an LED) for this audio project, one Opto transistor (or resistor), one 3-volt battery, two mono audio jacks, and some alligator clips. Just watch this cool electronic audio experiment and try it out yourself.

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awesomest thing to do on halloween. slipknot and alot of freetime equals a bunch of scared kids ^.^

Isn't that transfer of pulsed signal, and the sound is from speaker which is activated by the laser or LED, not light making sound? Light provides electro-magnetic with photons, since it is battery driven?

I am making this for my science project....but i dont know the principle behind it.....can you plz tell me the principle behind this, like why does this actually does sound get converted to light and all.....plz its urgent

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