How To: The Trick to Stabbing a Balloon Without Popping It

The Trick to Stabbing a Balloon Without Popping It

A balloon's worst fear is a sharp object, so usually when you puncture a balloon, it pops in your face. Not with this science trick! To puncture a fully blown up latex balloon without popping it, you'll need a pointed metal or wooden skewer and some plain old dish soap. That's it.

Steve Spangler explains how it's done in this video, but it's as simple as coating the balloon with a little bit of dishwashing liquid, then slowly push your sharpened skewer into one of the least stretched out portions of the balloon, usually near the rim where you tied it, using surgical precision. Then, move it slowly through the inside of the balloon and out the top.

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Cover photo by edenpictures

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I remember your lower echelon magicians doing this "trick" when I was a kid... it was the 70s, so no internet, so you really couldn't know how he did it unless he himself told you, which of course no self respecting magician would. To think anybody could have done it, and without special props! So I guess we were dumber—sorry... less informed (lol)—but the world was more magical. Which is better? My answer might surprise you, considering I'm both very technical and totally into technology :)

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