How To: Turn milk into solid balls

Turn milk into solid balls

Few household products can turn ordinary milk into cool solid balls. Check out this instructional science video to learn how to turn milk into solid balls using average household products. This is a great experiment to make with your kids. Just don't let them eat the balls.

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How does the mixture know to make 5 small balls and not 1 big one?

its the alginate reacting with the vinegar plus the shaking of the strainer

it's like making snowballs or cheese curd
start small
plus the shaking of the strainer forces seperation

not fake. just bizarre.

FAKE! you can see how they spliced 2 scenes when the hand goes for Alginate poweder - thats where they cut out the scene where they put marbles in

kkovtche is right coo tho

Thats about as real as my hair!

will someone with proof beyond a cut claim refute the science of this experiment?

i wish i could, but i cant

at least im saving some trouble for those who actually want to immitate this

ITS A FAKE ! thus not a how to make marbles out of milk lol

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