How To: Turn an ordinary egg into a silver egg

Turn an ordinary egg into a silver egg

Can't turn silver into gold? Don't worry, at least you can turn an ordinary ivory egg into silver. That's better than nothing, right?

Check out this video tutorial to see how to do the silver egg trick. The supplies are simple; a candle, a lighter, an egg, and a glass of water. Get all of these things and you'll have a silver egg in no time. You can even try to take it down to the local pawn shop. Or you can just use it as a simple decoration, until it spoils anyway.

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does it work?

No. It's not actually silver, it only appears so under water.

it did work... i tried!!! pretty cool though the silver i got wasnt shiny like this one n it was uneven...

i think im gunna give it a try :3

im going to try it

ill try it ans see what happens

it does seem worth trying...

its not soot, its carbon from the wick. and its not really silver its more of a grey because the dark black was rinsed off and in the right light it loooks almost sliver.

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