How To: Turn Your Computer into a Pulse Monitor

Turn Your Computer into a Pulse Monitor

Have you ever wanted to see your heartbeat, but without the stress of having to be in the hospital? You can with this easy, step-by-step guide to turn your computer in a pulse monitor to check your heart rate from the comfort of your own chair. Check the beating of your heart after a workout to see how fast your blood is pumping or watch it drop after a soothing day at the spa or a nice bubble bath. The easy to follow video tutorial is set to a funky beat that is sure to get your blood (and feet) moving!

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This is not an ECG, this is more like a pulse monitor.......this is nowhere close to a ECG, which displays the QRS wave, with the P and T wave.....please correct the title to pulse monitor, beacuse it is not a ECG

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