How To: Understand electrotonic & action potentials in a cell

Understand electrotonic & action potentials in a cell

Maybe you learn best by seeing things worked out in front of you and what you just saw in class today about Electronic action potential of neurons didn't quite sink in. Not to mention the test that you have coming up this week is going to be an in-depth analysis of your knowledge on this material. Let Khanacademy be your guide! For less than half the time it takes to sit through the Professors class, he explains the function of Neurons, how action potential works and sends you on your way to have a greater understanding of how our body reacts to stimulus's so quickly. Despite the presence of various writings on the screen, simply pause the video to see what is happening will just as soon clear up any confusion that you may have. So if you're a college student looking to learn by seeing and/or listening, then this video can have you on your way to making that A with a smile.

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